Born in Le Havre and "Périgordine" for nearly 20 years, I was introduced to drawing and
painting by my grandfather during my childhood.

I never stopped drawing throughout my life, even during my 15 years
high-level fencer. After "surrendered" in 2000,
it was in 2008 that I felt the urge to get back to painting.

After a figurative first period in which I could make my scales,
find my bearings and work my relationship to the canvas, I very quickly understood
the figurative expression would not bring me there "where I should go."

I have thus reached a breaking point which caused the abandonment of my brushes
for months, a necessary and salutary pause that allowed me to me
relax, digest the wealth of this first course before making a new start.

My first abstract canvas awarded a true letting go,
a new instinctively applying paint to arrive
to an abstraction on white background energetic phase
aspirations synonymous with my new artistic horizons.

I paint in acrylic on canvas and preferably 80cm x 100cm.

This dimension gives me the space to express myself,
transmit energy and my inspirations of the moment.